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Keeping it simple

    After designing and using this system to improve my performance, I became an USGTF instructor and decided to communicate how to get consistent results around the green using this system. Starting with beginners, all the way to advanced players, I found that students loved the simplicity of the system and grasped the concept easier than other methods. The best part was that there was zero push back on the concept. The results were so consistent that once the student believed in the system, they started excelling around the greens. I broke it down into progressive levels of ability from beginning to advanced levels.


By knowing how shot distances are created, you can recreate them whenever you need to in any condition. Pick your club, swing distance, speed and finally your face orientation. Commit to the swing and document the results, it really is that easy. This fills in the distance gaps required for some of the best players in the world to execute remarkable shots without having to recall similar situations and how they pulled it off (feel). These simple concepts are now being passed on to build consistency, confidence and improve player’s ability around the green.

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