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ZG123 Core Concept Manual
ZoneGolf123 Core Concept Manual (US Hard Cover Book)   

From the psychology in golf to the creation of your own plan through research and development, this guide provides insightful information on topics to include: 

* The ZoneGolf123 System

* How the System works

* Developing Normal Operations in your game

* How to Avoid Pitfalls and Preventing Disasters on the course

* What to do when Things Come off the Rails

*  Dealing with Trouble Shots

* Preparing for Competition

* The True Cost of Traditional Golf Instruction

* Setting up your Personal Research and Development


Hard Copy $34.95 or Kindle $9.99 (Buy now link)/ Audio Book $19.99 (Click on Audiobook link)


ZoneGolf123 Yardage Book (Beginning to Intermediate)

Proprietary yardage book with a place to put your distances and use them on the course.

We no longer have to remember how we hit that great shot that got us close to the hole.

Just do a little homework to discover distances your clubs travel with the 1-1, 2-2 and 3-3

swing and write them in. There is a quick reference sheet for course use to see your options. 

* The ZoneGolf123 QR code on the cover to get access to the detailed materials.

* Swing thoughts. Fill in your thoughts you want to have when facing different shots. 

* Full swing distances. Track your distances for stock, light/heavy in and downwind.

* Discovery page for the ZG123 system to document your results in practice.

* On course quick reference sheet. Walk off your distance to the area you want to land

   it on the green and match it up with the chart and just execute the swing it calls for.

* Grass depth and Elevation modifications sheet for adjusting for various conditions.

* Sand shot distance chart to gain confidence when you find yourself on the beach.

* Putting system that includes 4 different putting distances to guide you to great results.


$30.00  Sale $25.00   (Payment via Zelle 813-470-9060, add $5 for postage)

ZoneGolf123 Fitness Program (PDF Manual)

This program is for golfers of all ages and abilities.

From building strength for the junior player, all the way to the

keeping senior golfers flexible, we all need a routine in our

lives to get and stay more flexible and able to activate our                                                        

golf muscles to keep hitting it solid. Keep your cardio fitness, 

flexibility, mobility and strength up to avoid injuries and recover 

quicker if you are dealing with a chronic injury. 

Having flexibility and stability can lower your


$9.95  (Payment via Zelle 813-470-9060, no postage required, digital media)


ZoneGolf123 Nutrition and Hydration Program (PDF Manual)

This program provides a simple diet along

with hydration guidelines to keep your caloric intake

low enough to maintain your weight. The American 

Industrial Diet has caused obesity at catastrophic levels.

With fast food it being so addictive, it is key to have a simple set 

of guidelines you can trust to keep your body at its peak 

of performance. This along with the hydration guidelines 

will keep you nourished and hydrated before, during and 

post rounds. 

$4.95  (Payment via Zelle 813-470-9060, no postage required, digital media)

ZoneGolf123 Never Up Never In Chipping and Putting Tool 

Most of us know that 99.9% of shots that come up short don’t go in the hole.

By using this simple device just a few minutes during your practice

sessions you will begin to train your brain to get the ball to the hole.

By providing an area 3 times the diameter of the hole your

fear of missing putts decreases and will develop confidence

to hit putts firm enough to get to the hole.
You can see trends in missed putts left or right and it can

also be used as a game on the course.

Buy yours today and improve your putting today!!! 


$24.95   Sale Price $19.95 (Payment via Zelle 813-470-9060, add $5 for postage)

ZoneGolf123 Alignment Golf Balls


Perfect way to become a 50% putter. This proprietary logo provides

students with the ability to line the ball up right where they want to start it.

Get your putting dialed and get yours today!!!

$37.95/dz   (Payment via Zelle 813-470-9060, add $5 for postage)

ZoneGolf123 Ball Markers 


Normally casinos give out chips like these to take our money,

but with ZG123 you will be the one taking money from your buddies.

Gone are the days of worry and fear as adopting the system

puts the odds are in your favor. Get your today!


$4.95 (Payment via Zelle 813-470-9060, add $2 for postage)

ZoneGolf123 Pen


Represent ZG123 with your own logo pen in the office, home or

other locations. Interesting conversation piece to discuss how

the system has helped your golf game. Get your today!

$1.95 (Payment via Zelle 813-470-9060, add $1 for postage)

ZG123 Core Concepts eBook
ZoneGolf123 Fitness Program
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ZoneGolf123 Never Up Never In Tool
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ZG123 Nutrition and Hydration Manual
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ZoneGolf123 Yardage Book
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ZoneGolf123 Ball Markers
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ZoneGolf123 Pens
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